PDP – Makinde, Fayose feud tears South-West PDP chairmen, top chieftains apart

Fayose and Makinde have reportedly been at loggerheads over the latter’s role in the Ekiti PDP crisis as well as the leadership of the party in the South-West.

“Governor Makinde is not my leader. He is my follower. Respect should beget respect. I have been a warrior. They thought I will be with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission now. But, I am surviving,” he said.

The PDP Chairman in Lagos State, Adedeji Doherty, further explained in an interview with one of our correspondents that the tension in the party in the South-West, due mainly to the tension between Makinde and Fayose, was not a leadership tussle but one based on a previous agreement.

He recalled that before Olafeso resigned as the PDP Vice-Chairman in the South-West to contest the Ondo State governorship election, Makinde called state chairmen of the party in the South-West to a meeting in his personal house.

Doherty said it was at the meeting that Makinde said they should all support Olafeso to contest and that if he did not win the primary, he (Makinde) would like a situation where he (Olafeso) was allowed to return as the Vice-Chairman in the South-West.

Doherty said even though people could think Fayose was fighting to be the leader of the party in the region, he only wanted the honourable thing to be done.

He added, “It’s a fight to be honourable; that Eddy Olafeso should be reinstated as the party’s vice-chairman. There is no contention on who is the leader. Fayose cannot be the leader and he has never tried to convince us that he is the leader, but he is the one leading majority of us that want to stand by our word.

“You will realise that immediately after the congress that Eddy will emerge as a chairman, this whole tension will die down. Makinde would have no choice but to work with Olafeso if he wants a second term. Fayose would also have to work with Eddy Olafeso. So, the tension between Makinde and Fayose as you are seeing now is just based on interests and not on leadership tussle. Makinde is the leader, but one is fighting to be honourable while the other is trying to ignore the agreement.”

“Fayose is just a rabble-rouser; how can he be our leader? Where was he when we were in the struggle of the election? He was just causing confusion in the party. Governor Seyi Makinde is our leader in the South-West. Those who are following Fayose are doing so for selfish reasons. He (Fayose) is not our leader in the South-West,” Peretei said.

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